Ban Ammo clips

My family owns guns, so I asked them about the debate and possible legislation that is being considered right now. I don’t own a gun, but that is a choice I have made.

Every family member agrees on some things. A complete ban on weapons is not only unworkable, but probably unconstitutional, as well. And since the president has no plan to ban all weapons, that position is moot. Not one family member owns, or desires to own, an assault rifle. Of the 56 guns in the family, only two handguns are owned, and one of those is registered with a permit (he is ex-law enforcement). No one owns or wants an extended magazine. All agree that the aforementioned items are not for hunting.

Of course, this is one extended family, albeit a large one. They live in Nebraska, Texas, Nevada and Oklahoma — all “red” states that have a lot of opinions about gun ownership. I believe that a ban on ammunition clips that hold more than 10 rounds, and universal background checks on guns and ammunition should be enacted.

If you believe the news and you only watch or listen to one source, either cable or radio, then you are woefully undereducated on this subject. No one is taking away guns. They are just trying to cut down on mass violence, mass killings and multiple victims. And yes, I am quite aware that if a criminal wants a gun, he/she will find one. Let’s just make it a bit harder for them to have access. I say ban all sales of assault rifles, as well. But as they say in my earlier home, “That ole dog won’t hunt.”

Winifred Owens

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