NRA supporter

I support the NRA completely. As a proud gun owner and annual hunter, I couldn’t imagine my life without being able to own a gun. My family has managed a collection of assorted guns, and for my graduation I acquired my own handgun.

Living in the country, I’ve had to rely on my handgun a couple times to humanely put down animals that I’ve hit on the road, mainly deer. I can name a number of friends and family who have done the same. I also legally carry the gun with me when I am traveling long distances. This is not because I’m planning to go on a shooting spree or am a murderer ready to pull out the gun if a policeman were to pull me over. I simply rely on the gun for protection.

Obviously there are murderers and rapists out there, and most of my traveling is done through and around small towns, as is typical of much of Nebraska. If I were to have a flat tire in a nonpublic area I would appreciate the help of a passerby, but I am not about to trust them. The idea of the gun being within my reach is comforting and it’s the same to my parents, as well. My mother carries a handgun in her vehicle, as well, for the same purpose.

If a victim in the recent shootings had had such a handgun, things could have been different. Fewer people would have died and the incidents wouldn’t have been so tragic.
The NRA didn’t force those people to go on shooting sprees, but an NRA member could have changed the outcome.

Teal Christine Timperley

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