Pipeline doesn’t make sense

I am a fifth-generation landowner in York County who is deeply saddened and disappointed by the actions of our governor to blindly approve the Keystone XL pipeline. Our governor sold out our state by approving the pipeline. He totally bought into the lies and propaganda of a greedy multibillion-dollar corporation, TransCanada, and decided to blindly endorse everything they said.

Foremost, where the governor said the pipeline will create a multitude of jobs in our state, I beg to differ. There are all kinds of numbers flying around out there, but in reality, there will only be a handful of Nebraskans who will be permanently employed by TransCanada if the pipeline is approved.

Second, the governor states that building the pipeline will make the U.S. more “energy independent.” I question how an export pipeline, that is pumping toxic tar sands to the gulf port to be refined and then bought mostly by China, will help the United States to become more energy independent?

Last, I hate to disappoint the reader, but the governor states that the pipeline will make the price at the pump for gasoline decline. Fellow Nebraskans, in all honesty, if the majority of oil being refined from this pipeline is going overseas, you tell me how the price of gas in our state will go down? Besides, the price of gasoline needs to rise so our country will be motivated to get off dirty oil and move toward renewable energy.

Agriculture is a $17 billion industry in our state. If the water and soil become contaminated by the toxic chemicals from potential pipeline spills, where will we be? I see it as our duty to preserve and protect the pristine water supply in the Ogallala Aquifer for our children, our future. My hope is that you do, too.

Abbi Harrington Kleinschmidt

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