Students want answers

When I first came to Hastings College two years ago, the atmosphere of change that engulfed the campus was evident. I knew little of our new president; however, attitudes of upperclassmen regarding the updated cabinet gave me pause.

Let me be the first to say I trusted whole-heartedly in the board, which selected the man who was to lead our school. As expensive as the endeavor was rumored to be, I doubted the chance of an inadequate candidate passing through our doors. I found your story to be fascinating, Mr. Trotter — the way you handled the inadequacies of life with ease. As a first-generation student myself, I found comfort in the proof your presence provided: that familial ties and success mean little in light of an individual’s potential. I struggle to think of another school authority I have respected as much.

Not even two years later, you announce your resignation, an email bomb dropped on staff and students one Monday morning. How one school can hold so many conferences or carry that volume of stories through the grapevine, yet still leave unturned stones and unanswered questions is mind-boggling.

In the whirlwind that followed the door that closed behind you, the trustees and your replacement have assuaged our angst; however, whispers of distrust and manipulation fuel the bad taste with which you left us, with no one wanting to drive the obnoxious bus with your face on it.

Therefore I urge you, Mr. Trotter, to provide answers to those whom you once led. Acknowledge your failure or admit your defeat, but at least attempt to re-appropriate the blame. This might, at the very least, remove the awkward grocery store run-ins; and at the very most will help us forget.

Miranda Klugesherz

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