Weed in pro sports?

Jay Williams, a former guard for the Chicago Bulls in 2002-2003 and currently an ESPN college basketball analyst, told the New York Times that during his only season in the NBA his Chicago Bulls teammates smoked weed before the games.

During that season the Bulls went 30-52 and finished sixth place out of eight teams in the Central Division.

Players smoking weed before they play in games? I guess that is their choice. Maybe some things work better for certain players. But in the case of the 2002-2003 Chicago Bulls, they probably needed to get their act together before games because 30 and 52 is a terrible record.

But what if it can help? Look at Michael Phelps. He won the most gold medals of all time and he smoked weed! But the thing that you must think about is if you are a serious athlete (like Phelps) you might occasionally smoke a little weed in your leisure time. It’s not like Phelps is sitting by his locker or out in his car before a race hitting the bong before he jumps in the Olympic pool. I don’t think anyone can perform effectively in any athletic activity while being extremely high. I think that athletes aren’t that stupid and they would know how to manage their bodies to perform to the best of their abilities and wouldn’t risk their skills to smoke weed before they play.

Maybe in the case of the Chicago Bulls of 2002 and 2003 they were just a bunch of bums who didn’t care about how they performed in games and on national TV. I think professional athletes should take better care of their bodies than that if they want to be successful.

Phil McNiff

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