Junk in, junk out

I watched a Sonia Sotomayor interview on television this past week with great interest. She stated that her values of today were primarily guided by what she read and watched as a child. When asked what she watched and read, she stated Perry Mason and Nancy Drew. The interviewer half-heartedly suggested that perhaps without Nancy and Perry, we would not have Sotomayor as a supreme court justice today. Her response indicated that was likely true.

Now what does that tell us and the world about inputting into children positive or negative influences? We did not have school or theater or church shootings on a regular basis 60 years ago. What changed? The schools, the guns, the ammo, or the people? Think about it: The people changed. And what changed them? The stuff that influences them! Quality in, quality out. Junk in, junk out. Seem too simple? Denial is a most powerful emotion, but the truth is usually simple.

For the most part, the games, television and books of our time preach bullying, violence, subterfuge, scheming, double-dealing, lying, cheating, killing, etc. Our moral values promoted in the movies and soap operas are exactly opposite of good.

Take away all the guns and what will you bet the folks will build their own pipe bombs and take down the entire school or theater. Just keep looking away from the source of changed attitudes, the media, and we will turn ourselves into a police state with the same problems and no freedoms.

Please wake up to what really must be done. Clean up the games, movies, commercials, books and whatever else is dragging us down as a society. Put quality back into our children’s minds and we will get quality out down the road.
Sotomayor, the only Hispanic Supreme Court justice, is living proof that it works!

R. Tone Kister

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