A letter to Congressman Adrian Smith

I’m dismayed but not surprised by your negative vote on the so-called “fiscal cliff” issue. What irks me even more than the vote itself is your defense of it. How shortsighted must a person be to believe that a vote in favor of that legislation would be the only opportunity he had to express and defend his beliefs on the matter? An “aye” vote would not have precluded the chance to address spending. It just might, in fact, have opened the door to a more bipartisan approach to the discussions that are bound to be needed to get our financial house in order.

We didn’t send you to Washington to obstruct progress. We sent you there to work. So far, I’ve seen very little of the latter. Open your eyes, congressman. And, your mind, while you’re at it. No one political party has all the answers. Reach across the aisle. Compromise. That’s not a dirty word. That’s how the real world gets things done.

I’m reminded of the old joke: What’s the opposite of “progress”? Congress! For crying out loud, don’t let yourself be part of a joke. Get to work.

Elizabeth "Betty" Cramton

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