Snow business

First, I do want to recognize the hard-working people of the street department.

But with that said, I would like to make some comments about the article in the Jan. 15 Tribune. To start with, I agree that Mother Nature has played a role in previous years’ snow removal. But the point being overlooked is that it took the city around 12 hours after the snow began to fire up the first truck. Why?

If you believe that it would’ve done no good to get out there sooner, then the word gullible comes to mind. I may not be completely accurate on how long it took to get out there, but it certainly wasn’t soon enough.

Next, Councilman Michael Krings stated that within 24 hours, every street in our town was cleared. What town is that? Not Hastings! To this day, several streets still lack maintenance. I understand it would be very difficult to completely clear all streets, but the main snow routes were still very dangerous weeks later.

The temperature rose high enough on two Sundays in a row, yet nothing was done. There are some more expensive alternatives out there for melting ice, yet we continue to use gravel? Come on. You don’t have to use the good stuff on every street, but the ones marked “snow route” would be a nice touch!

Instead of shying away from the complaints and ignoring them altogether, let’s learn from them! Putting forth a false positive attitude is the wrong approach.

Trust me, if an aspiring business happened to be in this town in the last three weeks, what do you think it would be judging: the negative comments or the overall condition of the roads?

For the record, this is coming from a concerned citizen, not a “sniper from a small group that feeds on a negative image.”

Charles Duncan

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