Snow hazards

We are all aware that the city’s snowplows will leave a ridge of hard-packed snow across our driveways, which will require a little effort for the residents to clean out. It took only 30 minutes after the “blizzard” to hand shovel the driveway clog.

However, on the side streets that are not part of the emergency snow route designation, was it necessary for overzealous operators to “bury” the autos that are parked there to keep the main traffic arteries clear for the snow removal operation? It took two hours to dig out my car parked on Cedar Avenue, which was buried to the door handles. Then, the snowplow left a hard crust of snow at the northeast corner of Cedar Avenue and 12th Street. It is approximately 12 feet long, 3 feet deep, and encroaches on Cedar Avenue about 6 feet, which makes it hazardous to turn onto Cedar Avenue from 12th Street. Shouldn’t a front end loader or an auger machine be utilized to remove this obstacle?

The city has a sidewalk snow removal ordinance that requires sidewalks to be cleared within a reasonable time after a measurable snowfall. Some of the walks on the north side of 12th Street from East Side Boulevard to Cedar Avenue have not yet been shoveled, scooped or cleared from the Dec. 19, 2012, blizzard, or the more recent storms. Twelve days is not a reasonable time. The police have more important duties to perform than to issue citations for these annoyances.

Gene Wilson

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