Society desensitized

I agree with Tone Kister in his letter “Junk in, junk out” (Jan. 17 Tribune). Why is it so hard to figure out that the demoralization and decline of our country is due to the lack of teaching of morals, the broken homes, the messages taught to our youth via media, which is the biggest cause of the condition our country is in?

Via TV and movies, they are taught that it’s OK to have sex, talk filthy, lie, cheat, be violent, etc. So many children no longer have stable homes where good morals are taught, and TV and movies have taken over the job of teaching our kids. Wouldn’t Madelyn Murray O’Hair be pleased to see what she started when she began the move to remove God from schools?

Society has become so desensitized that things and language that were once shocking and unacceptable are now acceptable to so many. Sad …

Mary Zimmerman

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