Equality a good thing

Star Parker’s column “Same-sex marriage is war on religion” (Hastings Tribune, July 1) dredges up old, tired, nonsensical arguments that clear-thinking Nebraskans will reject from the first paragraph to the last.

The gist of her argument is that our continuing progress toward equality for all makes us a prideful nation, and will lead us to our doom.

Parker couldn’t find a coherent argument opposing equality, so she tried a little bit of everything. She quoted from the Bible, lamented that the Ten Commandments aren’t posted in every public school, worried about little children, wondered what the Supreme Court Justices’ grandparents would think, and ultimately concluded that we should “turn back to where we belong” or our country will collapse.

These fear-based arguments are reminiscent of Chicken Little shrieking that the sky is falling. Claims that our nation will collapse if we continue on the road to equality have been around a long, long time.

Religious and political pro-slavery arguments included claims that society would collapse if the slaves were freed. Religious anti-women’s suffrage campaigns theorized all sorts of calamities leading to collapse of society if women were allowed to vote.

Religious arguments citing the inevitable breakdown of society again surfaced when our country embraced interracial marriage and civil rights for minorities.

Every step toward equality has been met with panicked cries of impending doom.
Parker wants to turn back, but turn back to what? Should we ban interracial marriages? How about taking away women’s right to vote? Perhaps we should re-institute slavery.

The sky isn’t falling.

Those “breakdown of society” arguments are just as wrong now as they were in earlier times.

Nebraska’s motto is “Equality before the law,” because equality is a good thing, and will strengthen our country, our state, our communities and our families.

Andrew Callahan, chapter president
Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) of Hastings

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