Marriage: man, woman

I could not abide no one making a response to Andrew Callahan’s defense (Voice of the People, July 3) of the PFLAG position against Star Parker’s column (Hastings Tribune, July 1).

He says that her column “dredges up old tired, nonsensical arguments” and that she used several quotations from the Bible in her column.

I, for one, agree with Parker’s assessment that the “breakdown of society” as reflected in the exponential increase of acceptance of the gay/lesbian lifestyle is happening before our very eyes.

Equality really has nothing to do with Christians’ non-acceptance of this way of life. It is not “equality” when 1 percent of the population attempts to force the other 99 percent of the people into believing that this perverted way of life is normal and acceptable.

I am sure that Callahan would agree that Sigmund Freud was definitely not a prude when he stated that “the common characteristic of all sexual perversions is that they have abandoned reproduction as their aim.”

The gay/lesbian lifestyle has as its primary goal the pursuit of pleasure. Just because some of these couples advocate a “lasting relationship” and adopt children in an attempt to form “a family” does not form a real family in the eyes of God.

Marriage between a man and a woman must remain as the exclusive and only legitimate setting for human sexual activity. Reproduction must be the ultimate goal of these “marriage vows.”

Equality in America means that each individual is entitled to his (or her) own opinion.

Willis Gale Bullard

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