Cover band kids, too

I’m writing this letter wondering why there was no mention of the Adams Central Band going to Chicago to march in their Memorial Day parade, which I think was a big honor for the band and also its instructor.  

These students have to spend hours learning to play their instruments, then more hours learning to march. They have to learn all the formations for field marching and then a whole new set for marching down a narrow street.  

They have to keep in step with those beside them. Then, they have to learn to do all this while playing their chosen instrument.  

In the fall, these same band members come to school early to practice marching in the dark and sometimes in the cold.

Athletics are great for the students, also. It teaches them sportsmanship and helps to build their bodies.  

What I want to know is why there are several pages of the Tribune dedicated to sports and very little said about high school bands around the area. These band members, no matter which band they play in, are just as dedicated to their music as any athlete is to his or her chosen sport.  

Music is something that will stay with you all your life and, as a general rule, you will be able to play that instrument when you get old.  

Sports are great, but I imagine it would be nearly impossible to play football, basketball, soccer, etc. when you get old.  

Of course, one can always enjoy watching it on television.  

Please, just give our bands a little of the recognition they deserve.

Jessie Garska

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