Gun study

Just a quick note to Gerald Daly in response to his letter titled “Wake Up America” (Voice of the People, March 7) to suggest that he look up a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association – Internal Medicine titled “Firearm Legislation and Firearm-Related Fatalities in the United States” by Eric W. Fleegler, MD, MPH; Lois K. Lee, MD, MPH; Michael C. Monuteaux, ScD; David Hemenway, PhD; Rebekah Mannix, MD, MPH

In that study, released last week, the authors indicated that states with the toughest gun laws had a 42 percent decrease in the rate of firearm fatalities — 40 percent reduction in firearm-related homicides and 37 percent reduction in firearm suicides — compared to those with the weakest laws.

That means that tough firearms laws could save thousands of lives each year. That is all that this president and the bulk of the American people are asking for, including a majority of NRA members.

No one is trying to disarm you, no matter what you hear from the gun manufacturers and gun sellers.

It would also be good if Mr. Daly bought a dictionary and looked up the definition of socialism.

Bert Peterson

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