Wake up, America

How often have we heard lately that we need to ban assault rifles, eliminate clips and limit the number of shells in a weapon?

All of these are initiated by our liberal socialist government in Washington. We had 350 citizens killed by rifles in 2012, but only 20 percent of those were with an assault rifle.
We had more people killed with baseball bats and knives than with assault rifles. We had more than 11,700 citizens killed with other weapons.

Our Second Amendment has a dual role to protect its citizens.

The first role is for our protection against those who would harm us or our family. The second is to protect us, the citizens, from an intrusive government. A government whose main goal is to take away our freedom and make us more dependent on the government for all our existence.

I find it so hypocritical that our politicians and some citizens want to eliminate our God-given right to bear arms and yet they’ve allowed 55 million unborn children to be murdered by legalized murder called abortion since 1973. Let’s ban vacuums, forceps and knives and save millions of children. Where’s the candles and stuffed animals for these children?

We have 54,000 of our citizens and children killed in auto accidents each year. All of our autos have speedometers up to 120 miles an hour; 200 miles per hour on sports cars. Let’s put governors on all family autos and ban sports cars.

The speed limit is 75 mph. We don’t need an auto that goes faster. Vehicles kill so we need to eliminate them. Bring back the horse and save our nation and its children.

Citizens, remember the word intrusive. You will be seeing more and more of its meaning in the future.

Gerald Daly

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