Overdoing project?

The 12th Street widening project between Elm and Sixth avenues for increased traffic flow for parking at Hastings College sporting events is progressing nicely.

It appears to be a first-class job. If features sidewalks to nowhere with modern street lights to be installed and landscaping to follow.

The overflow drainage ditch from Heartwell Park lake was previously handled by a corrugated steel culvert pipe under 12th Street. This culvert is being replaced by a massive concrete box culvert with enough capacity to handle the flow from the Little Blue River.

The drainage channel then meanders easterly, parallel to Parkview Cemetery, and then loops around Mt. Sinai Cemetery and then heads south through another culvert under 12th Street to the east of College View Assisted Living and finally peters out in a pasture east of Sixth Avenue.

Aren’t these a bit much? Or were they required for environmental approval and federal aid for financing and permits?

Gene Wilson

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