Surprise helpers

On Nov. 5, while in my front yard struggling to remove nature’s bounty of freshly fallen leaves, I was approached by several young men with smiles on their faces and leaf rakes in their hands.

One of them stepped right up and asked, “Sir, we were wondering if we might help you with those leaves?”

I am a senior citizen and was delighted to allow younger hands than mine to perform the task.

I asked if there was a fee or I may make a donation and they simply answered a polite, “No, thank you.”

These young men engaged in a community service project. In just minutes, my lawn was free of leaves and the young men were on their way to the next yard on Valley Chase Avenue.

By the way, they also took the leaves with them.

Before they departed my property, I shook each of their hands and bid them Godspeed in their educational pursuits at Hastings College.

It is great to see young people with generous hearts and willing hands with no “agenda.”

As a lifelong citizen of Hastings, I am proud of these young students and the educational institution they attend.

Go Broncos!

Jerry Post

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