Remembering Dustin

This is in response to the article (Hastings Tribune, Sept. 5) regarding the anniversary of the Blue Hill bus/truck accident on Sept. 5, 2012.

I am the mother of Dustin Tesdahl, a victim of the crash. I was extremely hurt and upset that nothing was mentioned about Dustin’s interests or his injuries in the most recent article.

I would like to share with your readers just some of the interests, as well as the injuries and pain that my son suffered as a result of this accident.

I would like to share with you some things about my son. Dustin was a very caring soul. He was very sensitive to other people’s needs and feelings, and loved animals of all sorts.

Dustin loved history and to read about the wars in the United States. His desire to learn was not limited to war stories; he loved to read anything that he could.

Dustin wanted knowledge and had already completed six college credits. His plans were to continue his education at Central Community College-Hastings. He was on the computer often to find information about his interests. He loved to learn.

Dustin had other interests, as well. His favorite pastime was to help his grandfather, Jack Lieb of Campbell, and work in his woodshop. Their last project was a tractor made of wood; some of his works had more than 400 pieces to them. They were quite a pair when working in the wood shed. Dustin was in the height of his glory when he was with his Grandpa.

Dustin also had quite the sense of humor. He was not above playing practical jokes on me, his grandmother and his grandfather. He would find delight in watching us being caught off guard.

He is really missed by us all.

On that day of Sept. 5, my son suffered much from his injuries. It was reported that he died on impact; however, a first responder reported that as he performed CPR on Dustin, he was attempting to communicate with the responder.

The medical examiner reported that Dustin’s cause of death was blunt force trauma of the head and trunk. Dustin also had many lacerations and fractures on his body that contributed to his pain and suffering.

Many of the fractures to his body were exposed and extensive. He suffered countless numbers of injuries to the head, neck and trunk extremities. He had many other injuries as a result of this accident.

I am writing this letter so that my son can be included as one of the victims of this tragic accident. He was a victim who deserved more than just his name mentioned.

As a result of Dustin being left out of the articles, I felt another injury to my own heart. He had many other injuries that have never been discussed in an effort to mask the seriousness of this accident.

I am extremely sad that no one has come to me and asked me who my son really was. I am offended that he has been diminished to a name at the beginning of the article. I only want the people to know that Dustin was more than an 18-year-old accident victim. He was my son.

Please do not diminish my son to a simple name as he was so much more than that to his family.

Teresa Tesdahl

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