Fighting not the answer

This is my comment based on what I have heard in the news concerning supporters of Nevada rancher Clivin Bundy and Harry Reid calling those supporters “domestic terrorists.”

In my way of thinking, they are domestic terrorists, according to law.

My grandson is in a Nebraska prison for pointing a BB gun at a police officer. It was considered a terroristic threat against government authority.

According to Romans 13:1, God ordained government authority and its right to administer punishment for disobeying the laws of the land.

We are to have law and order, and our government is based on a democratic process of laws and order. We are to use the legal system, not anarchy, to change things unless it is against God directly.

This means that a civil government should be respected and all should fear breaking the law.

I sympathize greatly with Calvin Bundy and the ranchers. I agree that government can do things that are out of focus, but none of us can make our own rules, or where would this country end up?

The Bible also says violence begets violence. Fighting is not the answer in any case. .

Donna M. Dunn
Guide Rock

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