Headline a misrepresentation

On Monday, the Hastings Tribune published a Voice of the People letter that I wrote in regard to mountain lions. The heading above my letter said, “Mountain lions not a threat.” That heading was not written by me, but was written by one of the editors of the Tribune.

The heading was a misrepresentation of my letter. A more accurate heading would be: “Guns more dangerous than mountain lions.”

The intent of my letter was not to persuade anyone that mountains lions are never a threat to humans. I’m confident even a kindergartner understands that mountain lions can harm humans in certain situations when they feel threatened, although it is an extremely rare event.  

So the point is moot.

The main idea of my letter was to point out the irony of the cartoon that suggested mountain lions are inclined to hunt down humans and kill them.

In my view, this was ironic and fear-mongering. History is clear that it was early Nebraskans who were the aggressors when they completely wiped out the population of mountain lions by the 1890s. I even used the words “with a vengeance” because the aggression was so sweeping and thorough that it took the mountain lions another 100 years to gain a foothold in Nebraska.

Likewise, humans are much, much more likely to be killed by guns, weapons or vehicles than mountain lions. That is a fact that cannot be disputed. If you are going to live in fear of something being dangerous, then guns and vehicles are indeed more likely to kill you than a mountain lion.

It is a good idea to put mountain lions and the hyperbole surrounding them into perspective; that was the point of my letter.

Linda Dugan

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