I would like to express my appreciation that the newspaper covered the Earth Day celebration at Central Community-College (Hastings Tribune, April 23).

However, I am concerned that a professional journalist would utilize quotation marks when the statement she is enclosing is not a direct quote, as she did with most of what she cited me as saying.

In fact, very little of what she reported me saying was even a reasonable paraphrase of what I actually said.

At no time did I use the word “repurposing” — a word I have never used in my life.

I certainly did not say anything about recycling or sustainability; the comments attributed to me make me sound less like an environmental scientist and more like a caricature of an environmentalist.

I understand it can be difficult to get everything exact on a deadline, and I know there is a lot of pressure on journalists. I just wish to express my dismay at being misquoted.

Robin Buckallow

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