U.S. should back off

Most of the U.S. corporate-controlled media and many of our politicians seem to be trying to rekindle the Cold War in regard to events in the Ukraine.

For far too long, U.S. foreign policy has been driven by the neocons who used the false justification of weapons of mass destruction for the costly and unnecessary 10-year occupation of Iraq. These neocons were and still want us to bomb Iran and Syria. False and misleading reasons are being used to foment the turmoil in regard to Russia, Crimea and the Ukraine.

According to The Guardian, a news source from the U.K., a faction of the coup that overthrew the democratically-elected government of the Ukraine on Feb. 22 are neo-Nazis.

Those who want the Ukraine to align with Europe and the West instigated the turmoil. The Ukraine is deeply in debt and the West wants the International Monetary Fund to implement austerity measures that will create more hardship for most Ukrainians. The democratically elected president had aligned with Russia because of $15 billion of aid. All sides in this conflict have some degree of corruption.

The U.S. Congress recently voted with bipartisan support to send $1 billion of aid to the illegitimate coup with the neo-Nazi faction now in control of Ukraine. This is a waste of our tax money that most likely will come to haunt us as has our $1 trillion spent in Iraq.

As a member of Veterans for Peace and the anti-war committee of Nebraskans for Peace, I believe the best course of action would have the United Nations General Assembly act as an arbitrator and let the people of the Ukraine and Crimea determine the outcome without the influence of outside powers.

Ron Meyer

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