No common sense

This is in response to the letter by Lynn Zeleski titled “Dismayed by cartoon” (Voice of the People, Feb. 25).

The cartoon in question may not reflect the people of Hastings (as if you really knew), but certainly neither does your viewpoint.

I find it very interesting how some people can spout about “protecting the rights of everyone” while trampling the rights of those who may not share their views and morals.

Why should a merchant or service provider be forced by law to participate in an activity or function that they personally find morally wrong? Why should the Catholic church be forced to fund insurance that provides for abortion? Why shouldn’t the city of Fremont be able to set some very reasonable guidelines concerning rental properties?

I also find it interesting how some people seem to know exactly what our founding fathers meant in lawmaking more than 200 years ago, so long as it serves their purpose.

The common sense and moral compass that ruled the day back then are nowhere to be seen these days.

Unfortunately, we now live in a time where basic fundamental rights and a common sense approach to life are under attack on all fronts and many things we once took for granted are in peril.

A way of life which many want no part of is constantly being forced down our throats.

Norman Woodhead

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