Enough with the nicknames

Pardon me for being confused. Hastings needs another branding nickname?

Speaking possibly for the senior citizens who just received a whopping 1.5 percent raise, please explain the common sense of spending part of our utility or tax money on such an enterprise?

With no offense intended to any individual person, please note that our utility and water rates have increased, the school wants a multimillion- dollar expansion and the tech college and educational unit, the city, county, state and federal coffers are all begging for a larger piece of the pie.

Meanwhile, Hastings doesn’t have many restaurants that even serve pie. We can’t even keep a full-service motel. Our mall is almost vacant.

Knowing this issue was likely a personal matter, I sought help from other sources. Start with the Internet. Look at the list of city nicknames in Nebraska. Read the first paragraph very closely.

Then afterward, think if the present expenditures forecast will entice people or corporations to flock to our community due to changing a name.

Also notice further down that Hastings already indicates two nicknames: “Queen City of the Plains” and the “Birthplace of Kool-Aid.” From another Hastings history website, Hastings once was the “Brickyard and Cigar making capital of Nebraska.”

Does anyone remember more recent logos? They include “Hastings Has It,” “The Thumbs- Up City,” and “Go Green Hastings.” There are probably others that have been used.

How many times do we change the letterheads of printed advertising rather than political or business philosophy?

J.C. Mitera

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