Taking responsibility

Where do we draw the line with all of the support we are giving some families? We cannot keep doing this.

At some point, we will have to draw the line in the sand and hold people responsible for their own families and their own lives.

My wife and I have raised six kids and we did it without all these free handouts. Now, they want more for Medicaid.

I pay almost 15 percent of income for insurance and they want to charge as little as 2 percent to families that they say are on the poverty list.

How can they be on this list if they get Medicaid at almost no cost, food stamps, housing assistance, utility assistance, free lunches and breakfast for kid’s government assistance, and sometimes $300 a week for unemployment?

I am responsible for my life and actions, and I think it’s time for more people to be responsible for their own lives and actions.

Ken Hinrichs

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