Campaign ads

A year ago, I suggested that we tax all campaign funds at 30 percent. 

If the campaign was for a federal position, the money would go to help reduce the national debt.

If the campaign was for a state position, the money would be used for welfare programs. The suggestion did not receive support from the Legislature.

This year, I am suggesting that Chuck Hassebrook and Pete Ricketts sign an agreement that neither one will run any campaign ads on radio or television until two months before the general election in November. 

One candidate is already running the same ad on television multiple times in a 30-minute news cast. He must feel the electorate is a slow learner.

I suggest that Ben Sasse and David Domina sign a similar agreement. If we can’t get candidates to sign such an agreement, I think we need to try to get the Legislature to pass legislation that would limit all campaigns to two months before an election. 

Elmer Murman

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