Differing opinions

It can be very frustrating to read the opinion of another person, especially when that opinion differs so much from your own (Voice of the People, Feb. 28).

But, the fact remains that it is just that — an opinion.

The dangerous thing is when opinions become legislation. Personally, I don’t prefer to have someone else’s opinion “forced down (my) throat,” but I would much rather be force-fed opinion than legislation.

I agree that it isn’t fair to blindly state what does or does not reflect the people of a community, but we need to stick to the matter at hand.

What legislation like that referred to in a Feb. 25 letter to Voice of the People does is allow for legal exclusion. Support for bills like LB485 is a step toward inclusion.

I’m not trying to speak for the founding fathers, but I think it’s safe to say that most history books show a trend of the latter.

With that being said, legislation can be an unfair weapon when it comes to rights, and both sides of the political coin are guilty of wielding it.

The last point I would like to make is in reference to the statement in the Feb. 28 letter that “the common sense and moral compass that ruled the day back then are nowhere to be seen these days.”

That is a very true statement. Neither are the ones that ruled the day before women had the right to vote or before “blacks” had the right to use the same restrooms as “whites.”

For most of us today, those exclusions seemed silly and unnecessary. But I can just short of guarantee that these same arguments were happening then, too, and look where we are today.

Jameson Northrop

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