Taking a stand on NeSa

In the past, politicians were afraid to do anything that might be viewed as hurtful to our children and grandchildren.

But today with the money from corporations, politicians could care less about anything, including our children and grandchildren.

No Child Left Behind is a perfect example of this phenomenon; politicians know that this law with its nutty testing mania is hurting our children’s education, as described so well by Jill Osler in her letter (Voice of the People, March 21), but they do nothing to change it.

Parents must get our politicians’ attention, along with the attention of a spineless Nebraska Department of Education, that we will not stand for our schools wasting our children and grandchildren’s time with the NeSA tests.

I encourage all parents to follow the advice of Osler and write a letter to your child’s school principal telling him or her to excuse your children from the NeSA tests. You do not have to give any reason for your decision and you do not have to meet with the principal.

Nebraska’s parents must pass on a message to our:

• school administrators,

• Nebraska Department of Education,

• state senators, and

• corrupt representatives in Congress, that we vote, and money from the corporations that profit handsomely from this testing mania won’t buy our vote, no matter how many TV ads money buys in the next election.

Bert Peterson

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