Trees block view

On Thursday evening, I was heading south on Hastings Avenue and had to stop at Seventh Street.

After waiting for a couple of minutes I saw an opening and pulled out only to find out I just made a potentially grave error. I pulled in front of a motorcycle heading west on Seventh Street.

As I slammed on the gas pedal and he slammed on the brakes, we got within a couple car lengths of each other before parting ways.

The cause of this is simple: It is the trees by Mary Lanning Healthcare on the north side of the road between Hastings and Denver avenues.

I have talked to others who also believe these trees are a hazard because they impair a driver’s vision of Seventh Street.

Mary Lanning, you are in the business of saving lives, and I thank you for that. But please remove these trees from the terrace.

This alone could possibly save a life in the future.

Paul Chase

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