Conservation, not fanatacism

I agree with part of Cheryl M. Wray’s letter and disagree with part (Voice of the People, April 29).

Yes, there is climate change and the world and all of us must address it. I believe in conservation. I remember the dust storms of the 1930s, but I am not a fanatic.

Ancient history tells us that there were three major ice ages and a number of minor ones, with warmer periods between them. At one time, Alaska had a tropical climate.

More recent history tells us that the Union Pacific laid the rails on the ice to get the first steam engine across the Missouri River from Council Bluffs, Iowa, to Omaha.

My late mother-in-law stated that while visiting relatives in Whiting, Iowa, she walked across the Missouri River, on the ice, to visit other relatives in Decatur. For various reasons, neither could be done today.

Yes, our climate is warming, and as humankind has adjusted to change in the past we must adjust our way of life to these changes.

Do not panic. God is still in control.

Jane M. Taylor
Clay Center

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