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Will Vraspir

Armed with a tracking device in our shoes, my wife and I went out last weekend to check out some more cars.

She had been looking online and found some options to check out further. We still planned to wait to buy until we receive our tax refund, but we wanted to take a look at more options.

That was until we found a 2014 Ford Fusion with low miles that we both really liked. Plus, it was listed at a good price, so we decided to test drive it.

I drove the car off the lot, but she took over halfway through the drive. We both enjoyed the way it drove. We liked it so much, we decided to go ahead and purchase it.

So we had a new car. Well, new to us at least. We don’t really go for that whole current model thing where half the value drops once it’s off the lot.

And I say “we” had a new car because we’re married. The car is registered in both our names. We’re both on the hook for the loan.

But we both knew the truth. It was really my wife’s new car.

There was no conversation at the dealership about who would drive it home. Granted, she was excited about the new car and I didn’t want to take that first drive away from her.

This wasn’t a new concept. We’d talked briefly about who would use a new car on a regular basis — to drive to work and whatnot — but it wasn’t really a contest. I like when she can have shiny new things because I can’t really afford to provide them often. I have to make use of what I can get.

Now mind you, I’m not complaining. I’m getting a new car out of the deal too. Well, kinda.

I get to drive our old car to use for work now. It even has a CD player so I can listen to audio books as I make my daily commute. It means I don’t have to take our older van on the drive with its dead silence. The van had a radio when we bought it, but the CD player didn’t work. Sadly, even the radio turned useless after we swapped the dashboard out. Sure, it fixed a problem with the speedometer, but it left the van without a working radio. Sad times.

It left me stealing my wife’s car for anything longer than the work commute so I wouldn’t have to drive in silence.

But that’s all in the past now. I’m going to be cruising to work with full audio.

And, of course, I’ll be able to drive my wife’s new car when we make longer treks to visit family or take vacations. That’s the reason we wanted a new vehicle in the first place.

Until we get to make another trip though, at least my wife can be driving in style.