Osborne Drive East, 26th St

Hastings city officials have discussed moving the stop sign at Osborne Drive East and 26th Street from the westbound lane of 26th Street to the northbound lane of Osborne Drive East. A yield sign would then be placed at the westbound lane of 26th Street.

The city of Hastings is looking to change the stop sign placement at the intersection of 26th Street and Osborne Drive East.

Members of the Hastings City Council discussed during their work session on Monday moving the stop sign to the northbound lane on Osborne Drive East and placing a yield sign on the westbound 26th Street lane where there is a stop sign currently.

Looking at the stop sign placement was the suggestion of Councilman Shawn Hartmann. Police Chief Adam Story wasn’t present at the work session but had evaluated the intersection and shared his thoughts with Director of Engineering Lee Vrooman.

“On Osborne Drive East going south and on 26th Street it’s pretty close to the same traffic counts, around 2,000 vehicles per day,” Vrooman said. “Once you go south of 26th Street on Osborne Drive East you’re really down to about 600. There isn’t a lot of traffic comparatively south of 26th Street. Both the chief and I think moving the stop sign from 26th Street to the northbound Osborne Drive East would be OK as long as we put a yield sign back where the current stop sign is. That way, for the people coming west, they have to yield to the people going south on Osborne Drive East.”

City Administrator Dave Ptak said a resolution addressing the change would be prepared for the next council meeting

“I think this just complements what we’re doing now that the voters have voted to demolish the overpass,” Hartmann said, referring to the 16th Street viaduct. “(Stopping traffic on 26th Street before traffic coming off the viaduct) was the intention of the way that traffic pattern was set up in the first place.”

The city will evaluate speed limits in that area, including further east on 26th Street, for a possible change in the future.