In an effort to better control traffic in an area with visibility issues and quite a few vehicles each day, the Adams County Board of Commissioners agreed to place three-way stop signs at the intersection of Southern Hills Drive and Prairie Lake Road.

Board members voted 6-0 at their regular meeting Tuesday to adopt a resolution authorizing the placement of the signs. Board Chairman Lee Hogan was absent.

Highway Superintendent Dawn Miller said she received a letter from area residents stating concerns about speed on both roads.

“Greg and I have been watching this intersection for a while,” she said.

The intersection has never had a control at the end of it.

There’s been a lot of development east and west of the intersection, and it is a school route.

Prairie Lake Road feeds into Southern Hills golf course as well as Adams Central schools.

“There’s a lot more people using that road than 10 years ago,” Commissioner Glen Larsen said.

“That’s why I think it’s a great idea to put three-way stop signs,” Commissioner Chuck Neumann responded.

Traffic counts were taken over four consecutive days, Thursday through Monday.

Southern Hills Road just north of Prairie Lake Road saw 256 vehicles per day. Prairie Lake Road saw 193 vehicles west of the intersection and 102 vehicles east of the intersection.

“Yes, it’s about half (of the west side), but yet it’s enough traffic it needs to be considered for control; and also the blind condition,” Miller said. “In discussion with the road and bridge committee, and all of these items under that discussion, it was suggested and I confirm and recommend a three-way stop at that intersection.”

The county hasn’t done a speed study yet.

The speed limit isn’t posted, but it’s 50 mph according to Nebraska statute.

Larsen suggested lowering the speed limit.

“The stop signs are going to help, but they’re only going to help when they get to the stop signs,” he said.

Miller said stop signs are recommended because of the blind intersection and dead-end roadway.

“Stop signs are not supposed to be used for speed control,” Miller said.

She would inform the Sheriff’s Office about the placement of the new stop signs, so officers can observe traffic in the area accordingly.

“Hopefully I can get a speed report from them as well to take it possibly further,” she said.

Zoning Administrator Judy Mignery, who lives in the vicinity of that intersection, said, as a resident of the area, she was OK with three stop signs there only if the county put crushed concrete on the nearby gravel road hills.

“Because it’s such a mudhole there that if you have to stop there you’re never going to get out of there because of the golf course’s sprinkler system that sprinkles on that road. We never hold gravel there, so it gets drug down the road,” she said.

Crushed concrete previously placed on roads there lasted almost a year.

“It was amazing base, but right now there’s no base there,” Mignery said.

Miller has white rock she could put down.

“There’s a lot of truth to what she’s saying,” Miller said of Mignery. “Stop signs, especially if they’re speeding, will cause more rumble strips. A harder base will help that.”

Also during their meeting, board members unanimously approved tabling until Nov. 2 a resolution intended to clarify the paid time off policy relating to the closure of an individual office by a department head in the event of inclement weather.

Delaying approval of the resolution gives the county’s human resources committee time to communicate with department heads to understand their issues.

In other business, the commissioners:

  • Unanimously approved levy rates based on the 2021-2022 budgets of Adams County political subdivisions.
  • Unanimously approved the county board chairman signing an agreement with First Concord to send buy down payments directly to employees instead of service providers, effective Jan. 1, 2022. County officials will educate employees about managing the funds.
  • Unanimously approved continued participation in the annual South Central Area Law Enforcement Services interlocal agreement for cooperative law enforcement services with area law enforcement organizations.
  • Unanimously approved a contract for $14,202 with Ziemba Roofing of Hastings to replace the roof on the former music building at the county’s Wallace Building.
  • Unanimously approved the authorization to obtain and maintain domain name as part of a transition from
  • Unanimously approved a resolution to strike uncollectible personal property and mobile home taxes.
  • Unanimously approved the release of two securities from Five Points Banks, one for $1 million and one for $500,000.

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