Adams County Courthouse

Members of the Adams County Board of Commissioners cleared up a title mistake that was 96 years in the making.

The commissioners voted 7-0 during their regular meeting Tuesday to approve a quit claim deed for Lot 1 of the Pine Patch Second Subdivision, which is a small portion of property at 26th Street and Elm Avenue belonging to David and Nytha Glass. They paid $10 to the county for the property.

“Apparently, in 1925, there was a portion of the property that was inadvertently not transferred from the county to the people who owned the subdivision,” Deputy County Attorney David Bergin said. “They discovered this when they were attempting to get title insurance. The title company said, ‘You don’t own all of the property. There’s a triangular piece you don’t own.’ ”

Taxes have been paid on the property over the last 96 years.

“This is a quit claim deed, which means if we own it, you own it,” Bergin said.

It’s not a large piece of property.

“It happens to be partially under their house,” Bergin said.

Highway Superintendent Dawn Miller said the county originally purchased the property for road purposes.

When the city annexed the property it would’ve come into the city’s ownership for road purposes.

“It’s nice to cure a mistake,” Bergin said.