bookmobile 5-4-21

Members of the Adams County Board of Commissioners voted on Tuesday to give ownership of the bookmobile, seen here in the city block parking lot, to the city of Hastings.

With the Hastings Public Library already a city department, members of the Adams County Board of Commissioners said it made sense to give the bookmobile to the city.

Members of the County Board voted 7-0 during their regular meeting Tuesday to allow Chairman Lee Hogan to sign over the title for the bookmobile to the city.

Commissioner Chuck Neumann said this was brought up at a recent combined services committee meeting, which includes representatives from Adams County and the city of Hastings.

He said City Administrator Dave Ptak said the city would like ownership of the bookmobile to add it to city insurance.

“Their employee is driving the bus,” Neumann said.

According to Hastings Tribune archives, the first 2,000-volume Hastings-Adams County Bookmobile was purchased in December 1965 for $15,957. It was first put into service in the city of Hastings on April 4, 1966, and began making stops in surrounding Adams County schools and communities on April 11, 1966.

The bookmobile continues to serve Adams County schools and communities among its various stops.

The library’s current bookmobile, built on a 1999 E-450 Super Duty Ford truck, is just the third in the 55-year history of the program.

Deputy County Attorney Dave Bergin said, according to Nebraska statute, the county board has the authority to transfer ownership of the bookmobile to the city.

“As long as you believe it’s in the interest of the county to do so,” he said.

Commissioner Michael Stromer, who is the county liaison to the library board, said the library is just starting to survey the services that are needed in the county for the next bookmobile.

Commissioner Joe Patterson, who is the former Hastings city administrator, said the agreement between the city and the county goes back a long way.

“The county would hold the funds they have in the bookmobile account,” he said.

He and Neumann worked on that agreement.

“When and if the bookmobile is replaced, then those funds would be utilized for that,” Patterson said.

Until then, the funds sit in an escrow account.

The current bookmobile is 22 years old.

“It’s having issues,” Stromer said.

“It’s always had issues,” Patterson said.

Also during the meeting, the commissioners unanimously declared a 2004 F150 pickup belonging to the Adams County Department of Roads as surplus and placed it on the county auction set for May 19.

Highway Superintendent Dawn Miller said the pickup belonged to the sheriff’s office before the department of roads.

“The pickup itself has over 330,000 miles on it,” she said. “So it’s been very well maintained and used by Adams County.”

In other business, the commissioners:

  • Unanimously tabled a conditional use permit for a warehouse and residence in the mixed use district in lot 2, West Fork North 4th Subdivision.
  • Unanimously approved Eds Farm Subdivision concurrent with the vacation of Phils Forge Subdivision.
  • Unanimously approved Rempe Acres Subdivision.
  • Unanimously approved the appointment of Vicki Struss and Jim Kostal to the Board of Adjustment.
  • Unanimously approved a resolution to the Nebraska Department of Transportation for an Emergency Relief fund reimbursement of $18,554.08 for a site on Powerline Road East of Sand Avenue.
  • Unanimously approved an interlocal agreement between Adams and Clay counties for maintenance responsibilities on the shared county line.
  • Unanimously approved pledging 52 securities totaling $37.48 million.
  • Unanimously approved a request from Rachel Ormsby to rent the Adams County Office Building assembly room on May 30.