Members of the Adams County Planning and Zoning Commission tabled action on a proposed subdivision that would bring a Dollar General store to Juniata.

Commission members voted 5-0-3 during their regular meeting Monday to table the Brandt Subdivision until their Nov. 1 meeting. Ron Sidlo, Henry Wilson and Karen Struss abstained and Mike Allen was absent.

Applicant Vaquero Ventures Management LLC of Fort Worth, Texas would like to subdivide a tract along 12th Street (14th Street in Juniata), just east of the existing CPI Juniata Station.

Vaquero Ventures would like to build a Dollar General on the property after purchasing ground from Cooperative Producers Inc.

Quinn Boyd, commercial developer for Vaquero Ventures, was present at Monday’s meeting.

Vaquero Ventures received the survey for the property back two weeks ago, in which Vaquero learned gas and sewer lines belonging to the property to the east extend into the property Vaquero would purchase.

As a result, Vaquero would pay for the relocation of those lines. Dollar General has a policy not to build over utilities belonging to another property.

Boyd said Vaquero Ventures was hoping to begin construction before November. With the utility relocation, construction may not start until the spring.

“We try to follow whatever guidelines are in place with the village, or in this case the county, with construction; when is the time to do construction and try to work, the best we can, with the neighbors,” he said.

The property will have buffers, including irrigation systems and some trees, on either side.

A detention pond for storm water will be constructed behind the store to accommodate a 100-year flood as well as snow cleared from the parking lot. The property would be developed according to Dollar General specifications.

Roger and Kay Peters, who live just east of the proposed Dollar General property, expressed concerns about the store, including lighting as well as having their property torn up to move the utility lines.

“I’m not going to sacrifice what little life I have left to an aggravation of a neighbor,” Roger said.

Kay said she and Roger didn’t know CPI intended to sell the ground until the surveyor was on the Peters’ property.

Jerrad Stroh, secretary for the CPI Board of Directors, also was present at the meeting.

He told the Peterses someone from CPI was supposed to contact them and let them know CPI intended to sell the property before the board agreed to do so.

Also during the meeting, Zoning Administrator Judy Mignery introduced the Wiseman-Wolever Subdivision in Juniata, which was an administrative plat and didn’t require action from the commission. The only approval will need to be from the village of Juniata.

Applicant Chris Wiseman would like to move a lot line between his property and neighboring property near the intersection of Ninth Street and Republican Avenue. This would allow for the setback to be conforming on the neighboring property.


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