Hastings Police

Drones were reported flying over Juniata and Hastings Sunday night. An operator has not been identified at this time.

Minneapolis Air Traffic Control contacted the Hastings Police Department with a report from an airplane pilot about the drones.

Air traffic control reported the drones were flying in a grid pattern around 9-10 p.m. Sunday, Police Capt. Mike Doremus said.

Doremus said an officer had followed a drone for some time but did not determine a landing site.

Doremus said it is not advised to shoot the drones down. 

"If you shoot them down, you can get in some serious trouble," he said.

Some drone activities require a pilot's license, but Minneapolis Air Traffic Control was not able to determine if a pilot's license was required for the activities Sunday night. 

Doremus said that anyone who recently got a drone should educate themselves on rules regarding drones.

"If somebody got one for Christmas, if you're going to fly one, educate yourself on what you need to do to follow the rules," Doremus said

The sightings come after reports of drones flying over western Nebraska and Colorado made national news in previous weeks.

The Federal Aviation Administration recently proposed rules that would require drones to implement a remote ID system.