Mandi Smith of Teal Boutique

Teal Boutique owner Mandi Smith is shown inside her store in Hastings.

Imagine going from a regular customer and lover of a business to becoming the owner of that business.

That’s exactly the story behind how Mandy Smith became the current owner of Teal Boutique, 3100 Osborne Drive East, Suite 104.

Teal Boutique has been open since 2012, but Smith didn’t take over until January 2021.

Before she became the owner, Smith had been frequenting Teal Boutique “very often, almost too often,” she said.

Since she had been going into Teal Boutique so often she had gotten to know the previous owner.

“I had come into the store to shop for a gift, and I was kind of out of the blue presented with the opportunity to take over the business, and it kind of piqued my interest,” Smith said.

At the time, Smith was between jobs and the opportunity seemed like the right thing to do, and so in January she became the owner.

After Smith took over the business she was able to keep the two staff members — Sherry Sorensen and Dori Sass — who were there previously, and they are her “sounding board.”

Those two employees have been helping Smith with everything about the business. She has since added a third employee, Hadyn Lisius.

“If I didn’t have them, I don’t know if I could be successful,” Smith said.

Teal Boutique is a business that specializes in women’s apparel accessories, shoes and personal customer service.

While there are multiple other boutiques in Hastings, Smith said that “boutiques have their own style or carry something different.”

Teal Boutique is no different.

“We have brands that nobody else in town can carry,” Smith said.

Smith said she is dedicated to trying fulfill the needs that she knows exist in Hastings.

“What does Hastings need and how can I do that? Can I fulfill that need that Hastings has?” she said.

Smith will do whatever she can to provide what customers want.

“We are available if you want something or you’re looking for something, we can always try to find it,” she said.

Smith makes Teal Boutique accessible by taking online requests along with call-ins.

“If you see something on Facebook, message us and we will gladly ship it out to you,” she said.

Despite the store having been open since 2012, Smith said that “it’s amazing to find out that people who just came into the store didn’t know it was even there.”

Smith prioritizes supporting local businesses herself.

“If I have a need, I try hard to shop downtown,” she said. “I make sure that I’m supporting other businesses, as well.”

Smith said she hopes others follow her footsteps when it comes to their shopping habits, “especially this season, to shop local.”