The Hastings Planning Commission has given its blessing to a replat of Mary Lanning Healthcare property, clearing the way for expansion of the hospital’s Medical Services Building.

Gathered for their regular June meeting on Tuesday, commissioners voted 8-0 to recommend approval of a final plat for Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital Association at 715 N. St. Joseph Ave.

Commissioners Gavin Raitt and Rakesh Srivastava were absent. Alternate Willis Hunt was present.

The proposed replat now goes to the Hastings City Council for binding approval.

Replatting the land will allow Mary Lanning to relocate utilities and necessary easements that will lay the groundwork for expansion of the building, which will double in square footage and is to be known in the future as the Medical Office Building.

This expansion was discussed briefly as part of the Campus Master Plan Amendment in late fall 2020.

“We have been working with them to discuss the final plat. It meets the design standards,” said Development Services Director Lisa Parnell-Rowe. “All of the issues and concerns have been mitigated. Water easement and infrastructure will be relocated, which is one of the reasons we have to final-plat it.”

The reduction in parking was addressed with the campus master plan.

Several parking lots off Ninth Street and one across the street to the east were identified for usage.

“The new lot will be used to expand the Medical Services Building,” Parnell-Rowe said.

In other business, the commissioners:

  • Voted 7-1 to recommend approval of the request to amend the conditional use permit for Pine Patch Second Subdivision and allow for the construction of a new barn for the existing business and a new use of assembly, at 780 E. 26th St. Commissioner Willis Hunt dissented.
  • Unanimously recommended approval of a conditional use permit for TK’s CNC for limited manufacturing at 214 E. Second St.
  • Unanimously recommended approval of a resolution for a plan modification to Redevelopment Area Number 4, potential Bienkowski Subdivision. The developer intends to build an 8,000-square-foot building on the about 20,287-square-foot site located just south of Second Street on Laird Avenue. The project will result in the construction of an 8,000-square-foot workshop facility containing up to nine units. Specific uses have not yet been determined for this space, but examples of a wood or metal shop were provided.
  • Unanimously recommended approval of a resolution for a Planned District Development Plan for Theatre District LLC at 3101 W. 12th St.

The Theatre District Development Subdivision has a planned district overlay. This subdivision carries a base district zoning of C-3. In general, this development will need to meet the base district requirements for C-3, but then, if additional allowances are permissible within the planned district overlay for commercial or residential, the applicants can enjoy the benefits of these allowances so long as they spell these deviations out in the submittal of a development plan.