Do you remember George Burns and Gracie Allen?

Now, George and Gracie have been forgotten in one generation.

Question: Can or is it possible that God has been forgotten? Have God’s principles and Jesus’ personal love been forgotten by the majority? Should we just bury our heads in the sand and let Satan control our lives in so many aspects of our lives?

When’s the last time you spent time with someone who you don’t know from Adam?

When have you asked them, after going up to them, this simple question: “How’s God treating you today?”

I have observed the way they respond. The majority don’t respond or they will not say over one or two words.

Now, in all fairness, some respond and you can know by their response that they have a personal relationship with God they will share with you.

Now I want to tell you a personal experience I had recently.

I was parked by Burger King, a business by the high school.

I watched for hours as seven or eight teenagers pulled in recklessly driving and parked.

Soon, they were floorboarding their car engines for several minutes at a time.

After the blatant disregard for the customers there, I approached one of the cars.

The driver tried to pull out. I got in front of him. He stopped and his passenger’s window was open.

The young man looked to be 16 or 17.

I asked him, “What engine do you have in there?”

He quickly responded, “A straight 6.”

I then asked him, “Do you like your car?”

He replied, “I love it.”

My third and last question was, “What do you think your Mom and Dad would think of you treating your car like that?”

He quickly responded, “Do you think I give a s--- what my parents think?”

And then he said, “I do whatever I want to.”

I took a picture of his license plate, walked to my car, got in and then he quickly took a picture of my license plate.

I called the Hastings Police Department and asked for an officer to come out in a while.

I was told that it was personal property and police couldn’t do anything. I was told the teenagers didn’t break any laws.

I stayed in my car a while as five to seven other teenagers drove by taking pictures of me and racing their engines in front of me, “stopping” for two evenings.

In my day, this would have been disturbing the peace. I would have been put in jail overnight.

I’m going to try to find out the name of this teenager’s parents, as my grandson did something similar.

I took his car away for a year. His attitude changed quickly.

I have been a Hastings resident for 40 years.

I have witnessed lots of flagrant vehicle violations on North Burlington by the high school, including speeding and running lights.

A young man walking would have been run over if he hadn’t stopped.

Should the public ask for better traffic observance by the police department to try and keep someone from being killed?

My nephew and his brother’s girlfriend were killed by an irresponsible teenager.

Should we speak out or just let Satan take complete control?

Dale W. Gewecke