A conditional use permit application to place self-storage units at 1211 and 1215 E. South St. meets all the necessary impact criteria.

That is what Development Services Director Lisa Parnell-Rowe told members of the Hastings Planning Commission before they voted 8-0 during their regular meeting Tuesday to recommend approval of the conditional use permit application. Commissioner Gavin Raitt was absent.

The property is north and east of Anytime Fitness.

Trent Schelkopf with Quality Builders LLC of Sutton is the applicant, representing property owner Dan Marshall of Harvard.

The project meets pedestrian and vehicular traffic circulation and safety requirements.

The project will have two ingress and egress points and 30-foot-wide access between each storage unit building.

She said it also meets criteria for reasonable and economic extension of public utilities.

“There won’t be any need to extend utilities to this,” Parnell-Rowe said.

Representatives from the city’s utility and engineering departments previously reviewed the application.

“They’ve also said this will be acceptable,” Parnell-Rowe said.

She said the applicant agreed to a requirement to post signs on storage units, informing renters that flammable items are prohibited.

There are already other self-storage units in the area.

“As far as mixing with current land use and patterns, we do feel, developmental-wise, this would fit,” Parnell-Rowe said.

Adjacent property notice letters were sent out to all residential properties within 300 feet of this location, and the city received just one inquiry. Parnell-Rowe said it was nothing of a negative nature.

More than 100 feet separate these residents, and a fence and trees separate the nearby mobile home community from the commercial businesses to the south.

Commission Chairman Marshall Gaines asked how the project would be affected by the major renovation project planned for that portion of U.S. Highway 6.

Parnell-Rowe said the city street and engineering personnel didn’t have reservations about the project, including how it might be affected by the Highway 6 renovation.

“I know that’s at the forefront of anything that’s going in there,” she said.

In other business, the commission:

  • Unanimously recommended approval of Ordinance No. 4632 and the amendment to the Official Zoning District Map to rezone Hastings Rural Fire Subdivision from R-1, Urban Single Family Residential and A, Agricultural to R-1S, Single Family Suburban Acreage Residential District.

Unanimously recommended approval of

  • Ordinance No. 4633, the proposed city code text change and ordinance that would allow properties zoned A, Agriculture and R-1A, Single Family Large Lot Residential, recourse for requesting additional other hoofed animals based on the size of their lot and review of such matter on a case-by-case basis through Conditional Use Permit process.
  • Unanimously recommended approval of Ordinance No. 4627, a zoning text amendment to the city code, authorizing preliminary and final plats to be processed in combination and to amend the city code section regarding pre-authorized work before final plat approval.
  • Unanimously approved the preliminary/final plat for Warrings Second Subdivision on Lochland Drive West.
  • Unanimously approved the final plat for the Hastings Rural Fire Subdivision.