Robin Stroot

Here’s an assessment to help you answer the following question: How do you know when your love of a particular craft becomes a more serious addiction?

Here’s the scenario: You hear a radio commercial advertising a new fiber choice in your town and automatically think a new fabric or yarn store is opening a new business in your local town. You listen carefully to hear the location of the new craft store. Give yourself a point if this has happened to you. Add an extra two points if you audibly sigh because you’re disappointed to find out the term fiber refers to internet connections of the local cable company.

You have a SABLE. That means your fabric, yarn or craft stash (supplies) at your home is so large, that it’s a Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy. Give yourself two points. Add another point if you can claim an income tax credit for insulation due to the large amount of craft supplies stored in your house.

Three points added to your score if the word “sale” makes you lightheaded, dizzy and giddy. Personally, that’s my number one reason to purchase yarn or fabric. Once, I acquired almost $250 worth of yarn for about $55. Yeah, I might not have needed the yarn at that moment, but eventually I will. Give yourself another two points if you just cheered because of my discount sale price purchase of yarn. (According to the SABLE guidelines, I estimate I will be around 684 years old when I pass away — that is, if I don’t purchase any more yarn over the next couple of years).

Earn two more points if you have craft-related items in your home such as a T-shirt, coffee mug, wall hanging and/or stationery that include a picture or craft meme/saying.

Give yourself one point for each room of your home that has at least one work-in-progress project in a basket, bag or tote, but no more than a total of seven points. (Note: Two projects in one room only counts as one point).

When someone asks you what your favorite hobby is, add one point if you answer without hesitation; two points if you can explain what your hobby is; five points if you just happen to have a sample of your favorite craft with you; and six points if you have to also explain the difference between a hobby and a passion for your craft.

Add six more points if you can walk into your local craft store and know, within 20 seconds, where your needed supplies are located in the store.

At least one of your best friends is also a fellow crafter, who also lets you hide some of your craft purchases at their home or in their car until you can quietly bring it in your own house. Give yourself five more points.

Add one point for each person you can name who is the clerk at the local craft store. Bonus two points per name, if the person you know on a first-name basis happens to be the owner of the store.

Total up your results. 0-5 points: New crafter; 6-10 points: Intermediate crafter; 11-15: Experienced crafter; 16-20 points: A seriously addicted crafter. If you have more than 21 or more points, welcome to the definitely addicted to crafting club.

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